Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I have set one SIMPLE and hard-to-refuse rate for my wedding photography
services. Only $850.00 (an amazingly low figure when you consider that many
wedding shooters no more talented than I charge around three thousand for the
same thing) gets the bride and groom 8 hours of my time...constantly thinking
and alert and moving around and creating poignant images. PLUS there are FREE engagement shots for use in the local newspaper or for handing out to
relatives and friends (10 prints included at no charge). Just call me for an
appointment so we all three can sit down and (804) 543-2030.

Meanwhile, I am hard at work on my website, by the way! Here are some of my better shots from the last few months...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day One! Oct. 26, 2008...

Welcome to my blog! My name is Dave Carswell and since getting my first camera at age 10 my passion in life has been taking great photographs. For years, I specialized in landscapes and travelled from one corner of America to the other, to the other, and to the other...documenting primarily our amazing national parks. But recently I dedicated myself to weddings and engagement sittings. They are fun and exciting and I get to share in some of life's most joyous occasions. I hope you'll check back here often, as I have many stories to share from my FORMER occupation as inventor of the "classic rock" FM radio format and the guy who discovered, hired and managed Howard Stern....just to name two things. It was a wild ride and it allowed me to grab some fantastic shots of many rock stars during my time on the air in markets such as Raleigh, Norfolk, Lexington KY, Richmond VA, Philadelphia and Detroit....40 years total! I'll be sure and post lots of pictures from "back in the day" as well as some gorgeous landscapes taken in locales such as Glacier National Park and out in the great desert southwest. That's all for now. More later!